I am upgrading my laptop ram from 4GB to 8GB. I can't wait to do use Android Studio with the required ram!

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    I remember using Android Studio with 4GB on Linux. When there was an update it would download and unzip in /tmp (which by default is half the size of total RAM) before it applied changes to disk. So it always failed because it ran out of space. Instead of expanding the temp file system or changing where Studio downloaded to, I simply just bought some fresh 16GB RAM. Problem solved.
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    goood..... 👍🏽👍🏽
    u forgot to count or mention google chrome with couple of tabs open. 😀😀
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    @Jase and an ssd, gotta go fast
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    @DLMousey Can I transfer my HDD to an SDD? If so, how?
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    Finally done! Now to wait for the SSD to arrive.
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