I’m back at devRant.

I was active few years back.

What made me comeback is me deciding to delete social media apps in my main phone.

The reason for deleting is that some topics/post/feed triggers a painful experience I had this year.

The painful experience is my wife cheated on me.
I’m not here for pity.

I just want to let the married ones know here that it’s not all about coding or work.
You should also try to keep the fire burning with your significant other.

Else someone comes by and will keep that fire lit.

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    Welcome back Mister Meister!
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    She could also just have the decency to tell you instead of crawling into someone else's bed pretending all is well.

    Welcome back
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    That's pathetic, man. I'm glad you are over that now
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    My ex fiancee cheated too. I know how you feel man. She was on this platform as well and followed me. That's the reason for a new account. But I don't agree with your last sentence. I think that if the person cheats - they are garbage. They are the scum of the earth. If it no longer works with your partner just break things off and fuck as much as you like. But being in a relationship and doing something like that... That person should become nothing to you. NOTHING. Forget them. You are better off. Time and new experiences heal.
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