I was thinking that if my hearing didn't come back in my left ear (my eardrum mite b pmuch toast) i might try those bone conduction headsets but i'd need some reviews from people i can verify are people before i spend $60 on them.

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    1. What happened?
    2. Have you seen a specialist? (e.g. otologist, audiologist, etc.)
    3. Which model do you have in mind? I've seen some reviews for one similar to a classic hearing aid, but I think there was at least one project that was around the chest area.

    PS: From what I remember about the former, the sound was sort of "muffled", but that might have been improved since then.
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    Tactical 🚩
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    What the fuck happened to grammar in brackets?
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    Techmoan on YouTube has reviewed some. I don't know how they would bring your hearing back though.
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    @Cyanide 3AM delirium.
    @Jilano it's in and out due to the infection, but the infection survived a 2 week course of antibiotics and constant cleaning as directed. I, once again, can't afford to go back, so if all they give me a discount/freebie on is my initial visit, i'm exactly as fucked as I was.
    @electrineer if the shit behind your ear still works, bone conduction still works regardless of eardrum. They make hearing aids on exactly this premise.
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    @Parzi Oh, forgot about that "thing". Yeah. Good luck
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