People who delete their entire password from the inputfield when they make a typo suck.

People who mumble their password while typing it, like someone who came to the helpdesk today, are braindead and should not ever use a computer.

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    What's wrong with deleting the whole thing if you make a typo? Usually if I do that it's because I've mashed the gap between two keys, and I've no idea if the right character, wrong character, or both characters are in there. Deleting it and retyping only takes a second and is far quicker than trying to work out what I've mistyped, correcting it, finding I've got it wrong anyway, then waiting the mandatory few seconds and trying again.
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    People who get mad at the most random things, though
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    Only a psychopath doesn't erase complete password on mistake
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    @theabbie I must be a psychopath then.
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    @LameCode20 you have a weak password, that's why
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    @theabbie No, I am just very strict when it comes to knowing my passwords by heart.

    Also, I hope you meant "passwords" instead of "password"
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    @LameCode20 Suppose there is no "show password" option, and while typing, you accidentally press a wrong key and you don't know what key it is, then it is better to erase than guessing the wrong key as it has potential of wasting more time.
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    Personally I hate the entire company when the login screen resets & clears all fields when I make a mistake.

    Like my login is correct but screw up the password I have to start over!?
    It feels like passive aggressive hate
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