Just pray for each of ur boss folks !!

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    I don't like it...

    ... but I do like money.
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    "Oh yeah our software already does that"
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    I don’t know what’s worse, this or not hearing that conversation at all and just be surprised a Friday morning when your boss is listing you what he promised to the costumer without any knowledge of the technical aspects and ignoring the fact he hired only 2 devs to do 2^N things at the same time with very close deadlines.

    Some people doesn’t deserve to earn so much money and own a company, they should work in the potato fields at best.
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    @JS96 and it's even worser when your boss EXACTLY knows the technical aspects and is even one of the devs ('cause he doesnt want to hire someone else.. wow) BUT DOES IT ANYWAY.

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    I would try not to laugh. I'm glad there's a mute button and we don't do video conferencing.
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