Day 1:

Me: 'Hi'

Middleware guy: 'Raise a Jira. We have always been so accommodating. Contact your manager.'



Day 2:

Me: 'Could you please start the server in dev environment? I am a new joiner. I don't have access. Here is a jira.'

Middleware guy: 'Deadlines may be for you. It is not for me. Wait until tomorrow.'

*Damn, did he get a divorce recently?*


Day 5: *An urgent delivery asap* 'Hi, could you please do the configuration of the new app in staging?'

Middleware guy: 'So, here is the split up...
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5 & 6
Your app will be configured by tomorrow first half hopefully.. Oh and you can escalate if it is too late..
*What a b...*


Day 8:

Me: *Doing late sit for pushing a task* 'Hi, we have an issue. The server is not starting. Could it be due to..'

MW guy in 'second' shift: 'Oh, we don't extend support on unusual hours'

Me: 'But this is second shift.'

MW guy: 'Yeah, but I have to go home early now...'


Day 10:

Team Lead: 'Any innovative solutions?'

Me: 'Let's go SERVERLESS!' :D

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    How about going middlewareguyless?

    Wrong tag btw
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    @neeno Isn't it supposed to be a rant? :v
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    @Lelouch 'rant' tag for rants, my guy.

    Also that sounds so frustrating, I think you should put salt in middleware guy's coffee
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    @Lelouch the tag names are a bit misleading, the "devrant" tag is meant for posts about the DevRant platform itself, for regular rants you have to use the "rant" tag.
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    Thanks for the clarification. @Elyz, If only I can do that!
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    @F1973 yep, it's pretty useful. Much easier than repeating the same thing over and over to everyone. I imagine it's also very helpful to newcomers.
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    Totally agree, such a AWS Lambda or service’s running on k8s platform maybe. It would be easy 😊
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    Same reason we want to design our new components to be less dependent on DevOps. They always drag even the simplest tasks for weeks.
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    Used to be like this for us. We all moaned that we could do it better if we just controlled the whole lot.

    We now control the whole lot, and it's a darn site better. Also has me wondering what on earth the other guys were doing all day.
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    @rutee07 coming from a devops team I'll tell you there's so much plumbing involved in getting some of this done. Not saying it's your scenario but for us we're swamped and overloaded. Personally I'm a big fan of teaching people to fish rather than doing it for them. And those scenarios enabling self-service is a very strong aspect of a devops culture not doing it for people. That said as I've tried to work on that at my company I've discovered enabling self-service takes an intense vision and support from top down for that to happen.

    If you don't have the top down support then a devops team ends up being swamped and reactive without enabling those fixes.

    Just adding a little bit of perspective. It's insanely frustrating to me as I'm all about enabling self-service and getting developers up and running as quickly as possible but without that full vision and support it can be really difficult to get the buy-in and accomplish those goals.

    Serverless could help velocity possibly
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    > Any innovative solutions?
    Fire middleware guy. I’d be at least twice as productive. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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