Will those days in which we used to play the same levels multiple times inorder to improve skills come back?

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    Nothing is stopping you from doing that. Plus there has been a resurgence of "hardcore" games over the last 5 years that won't accept pretty much anything less than perfect.
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    I never did that, I play stuff over and over because it is fun.
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    Can actual games make a comeback? I'm tired of seeing yearly releases coupled with 3 or 4 dlc packs a couple months after. I miss the days when you buy a game and when the expansion pack came out, you're like "holy hell it's a whole new game! Time to adjust tactics". Now you buy the dlc and you're like "holy hell it's the map I saw in the launch trailer! And look at this awesome new pistol!"
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    @wahr this is what I really meant..
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