- Got one more section to rewrite from this thesis and I'll be done. (except for stuff after review)
- Have zero ass to sit down and actually do the final trims.


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    Don't think about the after-review effort now :)
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    @NickyBones I try. But it bothers me that my work, despite being very novel, doesn't include enough "scientific formulas" or is as long as other thesis work I've seen in the department. 😬 Tho my supervisor has told me to stop worrying about that because they don't grade me on the length. (#NotWhatSheSaid 😜)
    But still, I wish it was more "average" and stood out less from the pile so a safe grade was guaranteed... Am I overthinking this?
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    @NoMad you are when you start measuring all of them. Just do what you go to do and make it count.

    #SoNotWhatSheSaid 😬
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    @NoMad I had very few formulas, and very basic ones too - P = IV, advanced science!
    I was also worried about the length, and my advisor said I wrote enough, and if I want I can fill another 20 pages with cat pictures.
    I got a 10/10, even without the cats and the fancy formulas :)
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    You go girl, stop overthinking this!!! If your advisor gave you the green light it's because the topic, research, and steps are solid enough for a good thesis. Sit yo ass down and finish it, send it for review and gg!!!
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