hey, i'm back here after a few years ^^ (oc)

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    I don't think you are an old DevRant member
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    @theabbie i am. same username. only one i remember their name is @linuxxx but others i only remember their avatar
    specially this guy with red background who said my username is smart
    i even contributed to a project once (devbanner project)
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    @ignuit Okay, You might be, People who comeback usually don't post memes, thus, I thought so.
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    @theabbie i was going for a rant but thought that'll be too depressing for a comeback.
    it's in my drafts
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    @theabbie btw you know that iranian(or neighbouring muslim country) girl who was writing a book or something of that sort? told her to tag me but i was going through shit so i left everything for a while (which i did often)
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    Hello! You probably left DevRant before I joined because I don't think I have seen your name before. Anyways, looking forward to your rants :)
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    Does ring a bell. Get yourself an avatar
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