You ever get that experience when you drink some water and the colors become brighter, the room expands in size and your future suddenly seems simple and straightforward?

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    Pro tip: if you want a bit of refreshing citric acid in your water, don't just order "with acid".
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    Only with plain water, plain water with a bit of lsd inside:

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    Are you absolutely sure it was just water?
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    Erm, no? I'd like some of your water please
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    I now realise that sensory effects resulting from physical condition or emotional state aren't of an observable magnitude in all people. I don't know how unusual this is but I have decided that I'll consider it an advantage.
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    All this from just water...... right.... what ever you're lacing your water with, it sounds like it's working.
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    You spelled scotch wrong.
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    Stop debugging so hard, and drink more often... The bug isn't going anywhere.
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