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~ Study the Error log deeply, Google each line if needed. Don't give up.
~ Learn by doing. Don't just read/watch.
~ Practice breaking down the problem statement first in different components and hierarchies. Don't jump into coding right away.
~ Write some, review some. Don't put off review for later.
~ Even if you don't exactly follow the best security practices - always ensure that your program is safe for use. Especially for user-inputs, etc, pay attention.
~ Never distribute code with passwords/keys written in it.
~ Don't hard code stuff, use Config file, environment variables, etc.
~ Try to automate repetitive stuff like build and deploy etc
~ Save and backup you code.
~ No one knows everything, also, today's knowledge gets outdated tomorrow. Continuous learning is synonymous with this field.

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    Pretty good. Another one (primarily because I’m a solo dev, I guess) is to not be afraid to start a fresh project file and rebuild a project using what you’ve learned so far. Sometimes the opportunity to rebuild properly from the ground up will allow you to save a lot of time and stress versus trying to accommodate bad code you wrote while figuring out the problem.
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