Back in 2008, I had a colleague who often smiles and giggles while looking at the screen.

Sounds normal yeah? Except there's nothing on the screen but Eclipse, a Java IDE.

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    Never seen some snippet of code that was so bad you had to giggle?
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    Or a funny/stupid comment, I do this also :D
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    I sometimes laugh about a mistake I just made that was dumb.
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    Sounds like he went mad, which is entirely plausible if he was using Eclipse all the time.
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    @hrombach That happened to me too! It was so bad that I had to take a break since it was too hilarious. Then I rewrote that part and at the next release we had 30x performance boost on that functionality (it even had a loading bar with it)
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    @devilirium we have one dev on our team who does database requests in PHP loops. Like she would do a foreach and each iteration would send a query to DB.

    Just, what.
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    @hrombach Now that you've mentioned it
    I have to agree.
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    In my language there is an idiom roughly translated as "Laughing to my situation that actually needs to be cried about". Maybe it's because he was using java...
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    @hrombach That code done exactly that! On thousands of entities times two + constant m :D Does that girl still works there? You should have a talk with her :D
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    @devilirium we have, she still does it. QA just looks for it and fixes it now..

    My boss insists we can't afford to sack her. ;)
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    @hrombach Too bad mate ;D I would fire devs like this without much thinking.
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