Idk despite whatever my resume may suggest, I think I'm still a Junior. Dunno if that'd ever change tbh. I mean, that's the downside of "cutting edge tech", right?

I don't have any advice.
Everything important has already been said by somebody out there.

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    It's true. But given all the expertise and knowledge you have you are not a junior :p

    Plus, part of cutting edge stuff is always feeling like a Newb and having to keep up with it. And no doubt you will do just fine
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    You have more experience then junior juniors.
    Alone the fact that you know that you don’t know everything is valuable!

    Imposter syndrome plus dunning kruger does not make you a junior.
    I’d go as far as this is the way to become a senior.

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    @dder I'd roast you but you live in Adelaide so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    #GodIsRoastingYou #isntItHotEnoughOverThere

    So I'mma toast [to] you! 🍻
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    @NoMad yeah, getting quite hot here, where are you again ?
    Adelaide has the first lockdown since March let’s see how that goes :)
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    Junior despite all the grey hair
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    @dder yeah the heat will help it go away. But next fall, unless there's a vaccine, you guys like the rest of us now will experience another wave.
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    @NoMad I sure hope you are wrong, we did quite good in last winter we’re everything was new. Time will tell 🤞🏾
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