I recently joined to a company. I am recent grad. I was getting KT by my Manager during team on-boarding.

The manager showed me the tech stack they use for the application. It had the given logo.

My manager read it like this - "We also use Adobe here ....."

I muted my mic and laughed so hard, and now I am searching for jobs at some better company- where managers don't confuse AngularJS logo with Adobe.

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    Good choice
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    Tough call. Angular is great, manager is stupid. Hard to say, any way you can hack their email and send their resignation notice?
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    Plot twist, the manager was just seeing if you knew the difference between Angularjs and Angular
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    Manager was actually seeing your presence of mind
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    What if Google stole Adobe's and modified a bit
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    AdobeJS? so... ActionScript?
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    Could be a test?
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