If you only have 30 laptop stickers and 20 funko pop dolls, are you even a real fullstack ninja/rockstar?

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    I was kinda amused when I saw something like 'developer laptop stickers' for sale on Amazon.

    I made a joke about that and then the devs I mentioned it to all went and bought them....

    I was really trying to say how silly I thought that was but ... well they were happy so I didn't say anything more about it.
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    @N00bPancakes I have one sticker. A minecraft hosting company sticker. Not even a dev sticker. But I do have a sticker!
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    @N00bPancakes I refuse to put dev stickers on my laptop lol I think that shit is mad cringe. all mine are clothing brands or some pop culture shit with the exception of the sole google sticker i got with my pixel a few years back
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    Intel inside 🤷‍♂️
    I'm not a sticker on laptop kinda guy, but I do have a bunch of stickers.
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    I have one sticker that happens to be a company with ... my initial and they gave me stickers so I use them to find my stuff ;)

    Other than that, stuff my kids put on them ;)
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    Freshman CS student: turns in first hello world assignment

    Their laptop:
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    I particularly like how they habe LESS and SASS, Gulp and Grunt, and a sticker that just says "CODE"

    Like do you get a free sticker whenever you install a package or something?
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    @CoffeeSnake Node would be like never ending stickers in the mail.
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    I personally love a clean feel. Once I was considering a nice sticker which I got and the next day saw a friend buy dev-sticker-pack from Amazon. Whole thing became yuck for me.
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    Never got that whole thing about sticker bombing your laptop. If two consultants show up and one of them has a laptop full of stickers and the other doesn't I know which one I feel is the more professional one.

    Maybe I'm just old, bitter and sad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @devdiddydog I started putting stickers on so I can identify my bag and its contents if stolen. Long stretch ever seeing it again, but I can uniquely identify it.
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    No stickers for me.

    I feel the same way as @devdiddydog: it feels unprofessional and a little childish.

    I much prefer keeping my lappy clean.
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    I've got stickers from the museums I've visited in a professional context and a single one of Anna and Elsa... I like to have it show a little personality and reflect things I've done... I'm flashing devRant in some places, but not on my work gear ;)

    When it starts to look like a bus stop vandalized by teens with the same quantity based obsession over languages, frameworks, and technologies as HR people writing job postings, it gives off a feeling that you're spending more time showing than knowing any of them...
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