Damn MacBook can't read my SD card... Damn work notebook can't read my SD card... Private notebook also couldn't read the fucking SD card and additionally the fucking microSD-to-SD adapter is molten now... I guess this is mnot my day... *aaargh*

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    Try a USB to micro SD that works fine for me, I don't own a Mac but it's great to burn img for the RPi
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    @Defi4NT i guess it was the card itself... When i put it back into my raspi it also got hot as hell. I guess that's why it wasn't readable from any device...
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    If you need an sd adapter && are in austria, vienna then i can give you one :D
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    @darksideplease thanks! I tested it with different adapters also, but it still got extremely hot. So i ordered a new one a pity that i have to wait... Wanted to play around with my raspberry :D

    Btw yes, I'm from Austria... 40km south of Graz :D
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    @filax woa. That's a really big coincidence! Yeah i do raspberry pi stuff too.
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