You know what grinds my gears. Spaghetti code, bloated code base with 5000 line files, and poor file organization.

Seriously really pissing me off right now. Its like walking into a library and there's no shelves and the books are just thrown into massive piles.

I've spent so much time trying to figure shit out just to implement basic things. Its messing with my productivity and making me hate my job.

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    Welcome to the real world :D

    Luckily you're there now right? Take it chunk by chunk
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    You made it, you are now the proud owner of someone else's bullshit, today you have graduated from developer to balding master of code!

    Good luck, and coffee is - if it's not already 👀 - your lord and savour through these troubling times
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    I had a job where I would read code for 7.5 hours and add a handful of lines later on.
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    This is exactly how I feel..
    difficult spaghetti code and getting nothing done because of it.
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    Refactoring is usually a non-crunch time task.
    Some companies never have non-crunch time.

    Best of luck unscrambling the eggs!
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    I have to agree with you on that. It IS really bad...

    I once had a friend that was doing the exact same thing, and he successfully implemented something that I really really needed for a private project. I looked at the code he shared with me... this was supposed to be a relatively short but a bit complicated implementation, but he made it in like 2000 lines... I snapped at him really badly. I feel like he deserved it though.
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