This is the most hilarious stackoverflow rant ever, quote:

"Strong cryptography only means the passwords must be encrypted while the user is inputting them but then they should be moved to a recoverable format for later use."

Full rant:

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    Fucking amazing read. I laughed my ass of... Shit....
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    That was a nice post, thanks for sharing.
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    I forgot all of my debts after laughing for this:
    "I'm going to assume you do not have PCI installed on your servers as being able to recover this information is a basic requirement of the software."
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    I'm surprised the OPs subconscious didn't suddenly click the minute "passwords in plain text " was even mentioned!
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    OMFG!! Such persons exists in the real working world... That auditor... He's must be on drugs
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    Haha, amazing! How can someone with that "experience" be so wrong!
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