During my 1st internship (IT support for a big office + maintenance of their server) there was a guy that was refusing to read email from his monitor, he had to print them out and then read... We were so pissed off because he was wasting so much paper and toner.

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    I'd have sent him an email in font size 72 so if he did print it, it would have taken 10s of pages and hopefully show him how ridiculous he's being.

    That or send him videos of the email being typed, since you can't print a video.

    Or just charge him for printer use.
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    @IainVM you are immune if you are friend with the boss :(
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    @Archetipo they are only immune because we think being friends with the boss has power. Doesn't mean you can't make things make them realise how rediculous they are being.
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