Excited for devRant NYC meet 🙌🏼 Who all gonna show up?

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    Me!! :)
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    Bollocks. Where's teleport when we need it? Damn developers...
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    Wish it was closer and I'd be there. Hope everyone who goes has a good time
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    I am based in the UK so it's perhaps a little far out for me but wish everyone a good time that are able to attend.
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    Can't be there... But we want pictures!
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    I wish I could, but I'm out of town... great networking outlet. :-)
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    May be remote ppl could xchange HI's on Google Hangout/any-other-channel

    (Instead of ranting here)
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    love the google hangout idea!
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    Yeah hangout, youtube live, facebook live or periscope is good idea.
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    too far for me. will there be a devrant tour some day?
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    I considered it. 🤔

    I did look at my bank balance. 😧

    try {
    airline.ticket.buy('LHR', 'NYC');
    } catch (e) {
    // Returns insufficient funds 😫

    I did tell my wife I wouldn't be home Thursday evening, she was fine with that. 😵
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    Ah this sounds awesome! A shame I'm English and damn proud of it.
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    If i had the chance..
    Sadly i can't, long trip from Denmark 😂
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    I am in the UK so cant come :( It would be cool if someone were to live stream it on twitch tho xD
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    I will see what I can do.
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