When you don't test EVERYTHING...

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    Ahahhahaha nice one!
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    It's "assortment" right?
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    Or clever advertising ploy to get people to share a picture of the "mistake" with ebay in it 😉
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    if I was an ebay employee and was told this happened because lack of testing I would throw a fit. As long as we have mobile apps which cut off words at arbitrary places, these things will happen.
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    @jiraTicket I agree with you mostly. I'm just a QA guy who gets blamed all day long for not having tested "all possible combinations" . It never ceases to amaze me what people blame on "lack of testing"
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    1) your name amuses me
    2) that's the iPhone mail app from the way that the UI looks. If they didn't do tests on the iPhone Mail app I honestly don't know what they would do tests on - because I'm fairly certain that has one of the highest user bases
    3) I still agree with you because stuff like this will happen regardless of how much you test (one might say it's unavoidable)
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    Sure :) to be more specific - it is almost impossible to come up with a permanent "solution" to this. One would have to have a list of every word that could result in undesirable ellipsis and decide that every single email subject can't contain those words within a certain range of characters that depends on the screen widths of the most common devices.

    Imagine a prompt in the email authoring form saying "warning! you wrote "Assassin's Creed" at position 26. this could be cropped to "Ass" on some devices!"
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    @jiraTicket I think the missing feature here is a preview feature that allows you to see your email rendered on common devices / apps before you send to all. Something like Litmus' offering.
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