Can someone tell who the fuck lets morons with absolutely 0 knowledge of how the industry works go on and write articles concerning "what programming languages to learn" clickbait articles?

Look, I never looked into them. Not even when starting, I knew (out of spite) that the people that built Windows Vista were developers and then I went ahead to look what a software engineer was. I went down the rabbit hole from that and my next step at the time (I was on the local library) was to go ahead and look for programming books, C++ and Java caught my eye, so I got them two books and went down. Later on I found about JS and Python and similar shit like that and I just continued to learn. I seldom bothered to learn from internet articles because to my opinion if I needed to read documentation then I might as well fucking read it from the people that designed X technology.

some were good, some were shit, etc etc, but I never bothered to look for "what programming languages to learn" articles because I could give close to two shits about some other dickhead telling me what to learn, I have always been rather hesitant to take other people's opinion into consideration when it comes to my own learning.

BUT today I clicked on one of those articles out of curiosity.....

"Many DEVELOPER (notice the lack of proper grammar) choose to leave Visual Basic in favor of more modern frameworks like C#, Java or .NET"

Ok, so, for whatever the fuck reason Java is mentioned along C# and a fucking framework (.NET) rather than just C# for microsoft shit, is this moron talking about VB.NET at all? is he going about VB6? what? what is going on here?

Obj C is not relevant at all and should be immediately replaced by Swift since it is a modern, and stable language (never mind that each release has breaking changes on entire code bases, yeah, fuck it, just jump alltogether and ignore Obj C and the decades of stable code it has)

"Coffeescript has been replaced by the newer features of Java" <--- ok fam, you lost me here, give me your "ITPro" card please and then kick yourself repeatedly in the groin since I won't be bothered touching you, i might get some stOOpid on me.

Fuck, these articles are all over the place, from idiots like the one above, to the moron raving about pharo smalltalk shitting on every tech you use.

Just.....please bring back shit like byte magazine and shit.....please? or Linux Format, make Linux Format more popular across the board, where people who know their shit think twice before spewing their bullshit to the masses? Some fucking kid there might want to know where to start and these fucking idiots are out there just ruining shit for everything.

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    Same people who hire shitty programmers into dev roles. These same people were hired bc they learned the “hot new languages and frameworks” from these articles but suck at them all
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    Look on the bright side, less competition to fear if the only thing they read are these articles..
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    You got to get off that medium / Dev.to koolaide bro!!
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    This was a Medium article, wasn't it? It sounds like a Medium article.
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    @C0D4 @EmberQuill it was some site called something along the lines of ITpro some shit. I hate medium and dev.to as well tbh
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    @AleCx04 ah, an IT blogger, usually they're just a graduate of the medium style articles 😅

    Don't get me wrong there's -some-, I mean a few good bloggers out there but it's far and few between.
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    Back in the day these magazine articles were useful, genuinely written by people in the know and realistically were the only source of obtaining that information (before it was widely available on the internet.)

    These days it's just morons on medium trying to earn a buck by wasting everyone's time through clickbait.
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    The TIOBE Index already does a good job of suggesting languages to learn. In case someone doesn't know what to learn.
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    @Lensflare it sort of does. But I have notices that those searches dear more with other type of statistics that you would normally need to consider for a good and productive life as a software engineer.

    For example, the one language to really open my eyes in terms of the things you can do with software development was Common Lisp and then Racket Scheme. Those two barely register, why? because jobs in those are harder to come by and the people that professionally use them are busy fighting or searching other things. I would still definitely recommend something like Racket to a complete beginner, not only do they come up with some great shit, but exposes them to a world of possibilities concerning what a programming language can and cannot do
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    @AlmondSauce man if that ain't the truth. I normally stay away from pretty much any article dealing with these things, the one forum i consider for this is hacker news, other than that i find it hard to read things like dev.to and medium, cringeworthy as shit.

    I also like how people get on fights on hacker news.
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    @C0D4 there is one dude in particular that really knows his shit about Smalltalk, but i fucking despise him. His delivery is just so off putting.

    If someone walked to you and me and were like "hey php devs, php is absolute shit and you are a fucking retard for using it, use <X>" and X was better, and we could recognize X to be better we would probably STILL ignore it because of the way the moron said it. The above was an example of how this moron behaves.

    People in the world of tech tend to act this way online and it just irks me, i am the type of dude that would slap the shit out of someone for the way they act around me, being unable to do this on the internet to most of these "bloggers" really frustrates me
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    I’m actually an advocate of exams bc I’ve been turned down too many times bc I haven’t used the full reactive jHibernate devOpsScript Microserivce jCluster stack like a BOSS BRO. But I can write a function that can check if a string is a palindrome lol. Seriously, if I can get a take home exam where I’m given a stack ive never used before (and a week) I’ll be content and happy to do it. As long as it isn’t too shady
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    @d-fanelli maybe i am missing something but how does that have anything to do with what i said?
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    I’m drunk sorry, but it has to do with companies hiring based on knowing the so called cutting edge languages mentioned in those medium articles. They should look for more general skills like ability to write clean maintainable code, not just knowing the cool new languages
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    @AleCx04 good point. Learning to get a job and learning to get deeper understanding are two different things. Tiobe is for the job.
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    I once read an article about someone saying that if-statements would be outdated an shouldn't be used anymore as they are to be replaced by the "state-model". In the end he ended up replacing one or two if statements with 4-5 files with 10 lines of code each.
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    @ScaryException WWWWTTTFFFFF???? I’m seriously hoping the author was high when he wrote it and he has more brainpower to get back!! What the fuck is going on with this field, where are these “developers” coming from? The ones who advocate overly complex methods like replacing if and else with whatever fucking monstrosity some asshole thought up to the ones complained about in this forum. No wonder software is so buggy
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    @Lensflare indeed, also I apologize for the spelling errors, I was semi drunk
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    @d-fanelli my dude! i was drunk too! lmao *raises beer glass to you
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    @ScaryException @d-fanelli what makes this more fascinating to me is that actual if then else condition branching in regular syntactic terms was actually invented by a (non pure) functional language: Lisp 🥴

    I find it fascinating when people completely obfuscate the meaning of code by generating strange abstractions like those.

    We should make it a code challenge
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    @AleCx04 tbh there are certain edge cases in which the if-else branching can get a bit too complex. But the author (in my opinion) wrote the article in a style that he wqs trying to tell you that you should dump if else statements at all, which also was critized in the postings comments.
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    @ScaryException yeah I can see how sometimes there might be a better way of expressing intent other than nested if else statements.
    But most of the times it's the best choice.
    It's always wrong to forbid something.
    Always use the right tool for the right job!
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    "You should learn JavScript because many computer use it, it is easy (only language I know) and runs in JVM (CoffeeScript Virtual Machine) which is fast because written in C#"
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