What's your funniest error message while testing your code ?

For me : Fatal error - Parachute deployed.


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    This was from a reverse engineering project I was working on a few months back:

    "ERROR: The monkey took the banana, I repeat the banana is gone!"

    I guess I shouldn't code when I'm tired, haha :)
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    we have one that plays a full ascii creation of the original Star wars film that ends with an ascii of Rick astly singing never gonna give you up. no bullshit, that is in production. :)
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    I was looking at an android app that a client wanted us to make an iOS version of and found something bizarre. When exiting the app in a specific way a toast message appeared saying "there is no spoon."

    It took me way to long to realise it was quoting the matrix! 😂
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    Personal projects in android my error messages depend on how much I'm frustrated. Start out with something like "i got an error here" to the very frustrated one with a bunch of cuss words lol. But when I'm just about to give up ill use "Last call for alcohol!" lol
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    "This apparently broke in a way that's impossible. You're an idiot"
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    @erikdreyer11 ahah "Parachute deployed" was also a Delphi error. I guess it's the same developer who had some fun
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    @erikdreyer11 for me it was for a 3 months internship. My first work experience and I got this error the first week. Colleagues were laughing at me, I was then afraid to fail at each errors ! Fortunately it was 7 years ago, things have changed :)
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    @erikdreyer11 painful to debug, but as a beginner it was fun to build "easily" a software running on Windows, with a cool UI and all
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