Next time you're using some FOSS soft, or bitching about it being buggy or the maintainer not responding to your tickets the same day - remember, that the author of that soft could be enjoying some nap time, playing with hie/her child(ren), having a fun time with fam/friends, playing PC games, going for a walk, cooking and choosing healthy food over fast snacks, doing anything he/she wanted.

But instead, the developer chose to spend that time building a tool, so you could have it, so you could do things faster/easier. So YOU could spend your free time the way you want.

So next time you're bitching about something not working, stop for a moment and first say THANK YOU to the author for that tool. If not for people like him/her, you would still be doing your chores with sticks and stones

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    Absolutely! I really hate it when people out of nowhere creates issues in my github repo and wants THIS AND THAT feature immediately! -_- They also get angry if we are late to respond sometimes! -_-
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    @Xoka I understand the *I want* tickets. They hint you with ideas, show you what people really need, rather that what you thought they need.

    But I will never justify the *I want it done yesterday and you are already late; go and do it for me now* ones.
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    @netikras Absolutely! the ETAs are supposed to be given by us, not them.
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    If you find a bug in a piece of FOSS, and it's really that important, just go and fix it ;-)
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    people just don,t seem to understand developing FOSS soft isn't a job
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    @butwhytho Although for some people it literally is a job but yeah, got your point and agree in general 😄
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    Well said.)You need to appreciate someone else's work.
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    Take my favorite.
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    @Xoka my favourite one was on some free electron music player where dude actually asked the maintainer when will he build that player with the real programming language!

    Yeah, fucktard, why don't you build it yourself with the real programming language instead of bitching about technology you don't like/understand.

    Maintainer said on several places on the repo that this project is just something he wanted to try to make to test the capabilities of electron, not the one that is the best player out there!
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    People just don't get FOSS is about ability to change or fix software by its users. If somebody wants a fix, they can ask for the fix, fix the bug themselves or hire somebody to fix the bug. Authors already did the most important thing: they opened sources and provided a free license.
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    @devJs Sometimes we create FOSS just for ourselves and think, "Oh! Its serving my purpose nicely. I think, someone else might also benefit from it". So, we open source it.

    & in the future, if we think, its not serving the purpose we originally created it for, we update it.

    BTW, if JS is not a REAL programming language, I don't know what is :D
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    @Xoka people suck and we got fed the idea that instant gratificación is something we disserve. Havens forbid if a package arrives a day late or a website takes longer than a sec to respond.

    I've seen the same crap with a game I play, every major (free) update they get a host of complaints about the things that didn't make it out bugs that weren't fixed. They outweigh the thanks by a ridiculous margine. I mean they really listen and actively develop the game, hate to see them demotivated due to the crap troles spoute.
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    @devJs I understand that some people don't like JavaScript (I mildly dislike it), but, unfortunately for them, JS is very much a language.

    And bashing a project for using Electron is not helpful to anyone. Especially the maintainer.

    The sooner they realize, the better.
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    1. Say thanks
    2. Contribute if you/I can
    3. Report bug friendly
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    @netikras you have school shooter potential this week. Maybe I should not login to devrant tomorrow because I am a nice guy?
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    @aviophile as in I'm going to start shooting in the school? Why would you say that....? I'm not a bad person!
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    If anything, this (and another one I saw a few days back) post has had a real world impact on me. I had started collecting emails of FOSS maintainers whose projects I utilise since I first saw this post and am sending out a few emails a day. Thank you for your insight!
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    I really should consider this more
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