Okay. I want to make my Linux distro my primary (go-to) OS - I've been wondering about how playing games with it would work/what games would work well natively (as I don't want wine).

Does anyone have a game favorite that they play on their Linux distro?

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    Steam has various linux/steamos games
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    Saints row 3 and 4, insurgency as some a wee bit demanding almost aaa titles. And a few other indies.
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    Ah, I had forgotten that steam has native games! Thanks guys
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    Why the reluctance to use wine?
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    @cybojenix It's not that Wine isn't a great feature (it is), but I've tried it in the past and here's what I got from it:

    1) Many of my programs won't run (to be expected).
    2) The Windows UI is disgusting compared to Cinnamon (but also to be expected)

    I mean, I _could_ install it though I'm not wanting to as of right now
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    What Linux distribution are you using. Do you have a dedicated graphics card? Btw, borderlands 2 may work
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    The new Shadow Run games work well on Linux. See also Steam.
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    You got me there. Games are the only reason I keep Windows on a dualboot
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    Warzone 2100
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