That guy who always spells your name wrong in emails. Fuck you!

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    I actively try not to be that guy. I work with a fairly diverse group of people and I'm already a bad speller, so I triple check. If it's wrong in Exchange, I'm sorry, but that's my reference.
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    @psudo I appreciate your effort to not be him. This idiot always mis-spells it wrong. I ignored it first 2 times , now , it has become a habit to him & I don't know how to tell him.

    We exchange emails like everyday, I sign my email with name clearly, it is also visible in my email address . I don't understand where he keeps his eyes while writing an email.
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    @g-m-f yeah I think fish needs to cool it myself ... Swim around a little
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    Change your name bro !
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    @FitzSuperUser @g-m-f Ha ha ha .. That is funny! 😝
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    Make your name bold or italicized until they get it right. Maybe even a bigger font 🤔
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    @Tommyten oh genius idea ! Same trick as make the site more invisible each day until they pay..

    You make your name a bigger font each day until he sees it 😂
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    The number of people only knowing how to write Erik with a c is way to high!
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    @papierbouwer same as Ewout with a D.
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