i am back after a struck of some shit virus. our team has been created and will be executeing our first mods will be consist of apk editor, xml, quickedit, possibly game guardian / block launcher scripts i know getting people to watch like and sub to your videos is hard but its worth a try.
QuickEdit + by rythum software used to corrupt data
apk editor used to dupe any app or modify it
probably used for our mod menus idk
for gg im not rooting my device so rip, i hope over clock sells his airpods so he can come back on his tablet. he litrally posted a video about why he wasnt on his tablet rip )= SPO team is not gonna bust.

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    Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this.
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    Dafuq have I read? O.o
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    @iiii I think he's going on about something with scripting
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    @Ranchonyx that or maybe the virus left its mark
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    @electrineer Pretty sure the virus infiltrated something else
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    Oxygen deprivation makes so much fun.

    You don't realize the aphasia.
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    I put this in Google Translate, from English to French, French to Italian, Italian to Russian and then Russian to English, Now it's much more Readable,

    "I came back from a lousy virus attack. our team has created and will be running our first mods which will consist of an apk, xml, quickedit editor, maybe a game keeper script / launcher, which I know making people look under your videos is difficult but worth a try.
    QuickEdit + from rhythm software used to damage the apk data editor used to trick any application or modify it, probably used for the mod menu for our tablets. he literally posted a video explaining why it wasn't on his rip tablet) = the SPO team won't break out."
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    @theabbie genius. There should be an option in translators to translate from broken English to English like that.
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    @electrineer I learnt this trick from a Quora answer on how to plagiarize without getting caught.
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    @Ranchonyx and i invented StfuScript. now unless you want the client side blocker just comment or pass by no need to throw some mean comments its just scripting and all of thoes apps are useless andlua is the best!!!
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    @Phazor001 you are aware that this is humor, right?
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