React devs.... would you ever work for the marketing team, managing their landing pages ?

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    Developing under non developers is always a risky venture.

    It can work out but it can also quickly become a mess of you doing non technical bidding under folks who don't understand. That can be landmine city if your technical concerns aren't given weight / your voice doesn't count.
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    No. Sales is evil, and salesmen are super pushy sleezes.

    Been there, done that. Never again.
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    Why the hassle? Just throw some HTML out and call it a day
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    "@Root come on, it can't be that hard to autostart a video with blasting audio while you use such video as background element and not the main element, am I wrong?"

    "Chrome is actively trying to avoid this, it's something we should really avoid and it's not going t"

    "Ok hear you soon you can do it champ!"
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    If you want to go nowhere fast, that's a great option.
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    yes, if its a small contract and i can get money out of it i will do whatever.

    This bs is not a "crAft" or an "arT" to me. Shit you need someone to build you some shitty wordpres plugins? ill fucking do it.

    Want some fucking apis and shit of some old ass deprecated stacks? ill do it. I like money way more than I like neckbearding about tech stacks.

    If you are like me and you love money then yes.

    I will do whatever the fuck for money in terms of software engineering
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