Day 9 of devWholesome...

Dedicate some time to learning something new or pick up a new hobby! Software development may be fun, but sometimes it can be frustrating and time consuming. Take some time off to do something else as well. Maybe learn an instrument or learn how to draw. I have decided to pick up drawing and am practicing to have nice looking art (might even post in a later devWholesome post). Learning something new can broaden your interests and opportunities. And as always, make the most out of your day!

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    Yeah, thats why I went into cybersecurity! Except that this also causes crippling depression, but hey, it's not programming!
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    I pickup up an acoustic guitar like 7 years back. Been playing ever since. Surprisingly, it has followed me around to this date.

    All those weird-ass deformities on the frets are kind of a reminder of the stress that'd pent up on some rough days and their release with some sweet pieces on the strings.

    Sometimes I'm reminded of a set I'd play years ago. All those memories and feelings come rushing back. Hits me like boulder.

    Fuck I'm getting emotional. Pick something that reminds you of what you had to go through. All those details will make you a stronger and a more thoughtful person.
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    @3rdWorldPoison Okay so I know this is random (I kinda came back and disappeared, mostly because of the stress of school and I feel kinda bad) but when I was younger I had an acoustic guitar at my Grandpa's house. I was little so I had no idea what I was doing and just kinda struck the strings. I never played since then but 2 years ago I picked up guitar again. My uncle gave me a strat he never used and started learning on that. 2 years later I am still playing and have an acoustic and a new electric and I don't think I will ever stop playing.
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