Me: *starts*

Windows: Pease restart

Me: *restarts*

Windows: Please restart again

Me: *motherfuckenly restarts*

Some bullshit security tool: please restart

And that's my morning.

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    What I hate most about that is how Windows is lying.

    When Linux wants to be restarted after an update (kernel), and you do it, it just restarts. That's honest.

    Windows however doesn't JUST do that. Instead, it spends quite some time in some shitty "please don't switch off the computer" state where it's unusable. And yeah, these repeated restarts are totally ridiculous on top of that.
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    Windows: please restart

    Me: devRant time!

    Windows: *starts*


    Windows: hello?

    Me: *lost in devRant*
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    Lol @ motherfuckenly
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