I think we've skipped the telepatic one...

ref: https://newscientist.com/article/...

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    Nah, we're still between current and voice commands. But working with computers no longer requires a highly specialized individual (virtually everyone has access to computers) thanks to how accessible it has become.

    Meaning people can work with computers without knowing how they actually work. If I do "this" then "that" should happen. It becomes almost ritualistic to some. Prayers. We're only missing the incense burning in the background.
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    have you heard of mit's alterego?
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    @calmyourtities I know alter ego, but have no idea how to tie it to the MIT...
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    @nitnip IDK man, I know some people are praying for their tests to pass and offer food (crummies) to their computers through keyboards.

    I think we're already there.
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    Dystopian shit
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    @netikras mit made an almost mind-reading device called alterego
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    @netikras I don't think those could be qualified as offerings but I'll grant you that people pray to tests.
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    @nitnip also for booting after hardware modifications
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