Every week is the same. Wake up, new jira ticket. “Build us a pink house”.

*i build a house*

Next day, “URGENT BUG REPORT!!! CRITICAL ISSUE IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT”, click on ticket, “bug report: the house doesn’t have sprinklers”

They didn’t ask for sprinklers. This is not a bug. *i add sprinklers*

Next day, “URGENT BUG REPORT!!! CRITICAL ISSUE IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT ASAP ASAP ASAP”, click on ticket, “bug report: the house is pink.”


Meanwhile management makes triple my salary

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    While ever you continue to swallow their CHANGES, you will continue to receive changes.

    Throw it back at them, with the original requirement, and make them explain how it's a bug.

    Or don't, your stress levels. 🙃
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    But you do give the ticket back after your tracked your time? Especially with a reminder that this was not requested and is billed extra?
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    @C0D4 this. We devs have a bad habit of just doing whatever is thrown at us. Learn to say no. Not saying it'll change it every time. If they constantly shove work down your throat despite protest, leave. That's not actually normal. Where I'm at now, which I'd call a moderately well managed organization, 90% of the time when I say no or "okay, but it'll push a,b,c back until X date", they either withdrawal the request or add it to a backlog for future iterations. Most places I've worked have been like that. As long as you actually say something.
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    @ChaoticGoods so much this.
    If it's not a urgent - as in the place is burning down or no one is making money - kind of issue, there's a backlog for it to be dealt with later, and that's after it's vetted.
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    BTW... when will the critical bug get fixed? Are you even taking your job seriously? How were we to know that when we asked for a pink house that it will end up pink?! We're no experts. It seems you aren't one either!
    Sound about right?
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    Sounds like you need scrum master
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    This gets kinda weird when they give you shares in the company. It's like "oh it's so annoying but hey it'll give me more money...". In that case just talk with the manager before any ticket to see if they really want it pink or if it's something they didn't think about thoroughly
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