Only thing I hate programming in python.

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    in the example the problem is not the syntax...
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    The problem is definitely not Python... You wouldn't have invented in another language?
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    12 loops deep?! I get that it's bad code, but still...
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    Won`t even run range(0,0.1,0.1)
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    Talking about syntax: You have to do that in every language to keep it readable, and comment each loop is desirable.

    Or are we talking about something else?
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    Do you even loop over cartesian products bruh
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    I nested 3 loops once and got reamed out... you should probably be fired at 12+.
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    Is it just me or does that make this solution O(n^12)
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    @Memeamphetamine no, most of those loops don't add anything complexity wise...
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    @meros whoops, I'm still learning
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    @mundo03. Range functions run till, so here it is 0.0 and the opening function is single too.
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