MFW I have to deal with an array that has various objects of many types and it's not easily debuggable because the backend is multithreaded.

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    Why would anyone, ever, create an array of different types?
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    @Godisalie because they're a scientist, that's all about the "get'er done" attitude
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    @tisaconundrum Cough, Chemist here, cough.^^ Non the less what benefits do they gain from that atrocity?
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    @Godisalie The language let them do it, so it must be alright 😉

    But my guess is that they wanted to use it as a lightweight data object and just kinda passed it around whenever they needed to return/operate on more than 1 thing.
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    @Godisalie That's polymorphism for you.
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    I'd report whoever did it to HR for psychological abuse.. seriously.
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