My roommate is a hardcore apple fan boy. Me and my other roommate use windows so we actually installed windows on his Mac.

He later passed out.........

1 like = 1 prayer.

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    Bet he wasn’t able to install Mac again?
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    @bagfox He really couldn’t. While it was technically challenging, it was fun.
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    What the hell.
    Grounds for murder.
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    @Root Sue me if you want, it was worth it anyways, He should always talk about Steve Jobs..
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    @FrontEndLove Seriously, there would be some severe retribution over that. Not cool.
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    As long as you can fix it for him, good prank

    If not, I think you owe him a MacBook
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    Bruh, you dont mess with another mans machine without his approval... Not cool... If anything that's borderline bullying..
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    ....And I thought that the worst thing to do to your colleague's pc with unlocked screen is to open the browser and in Google make a search for some Really disgusting porn pictures 🤦‍♀️...this happened to me in company as I forget to lock my screen and went away for a few minutes... 🙄
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    @gardendwarf That’s sad. How did it happen in the first place
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