Senior management just had a covid opening up party, streamed it on YouTube in the middle of the office with not a single person wearing a mask or social distancing. Encouraging employees to come back to working in the offices.


It hasn't been a week since one of our employees died and these were the same people who emailed the team asking to donate towards the bereaved family.

This isn't even a rant. It baffles me that narcissistic bullshit like this is legal. How can anyone be that fucking stupid? Just how. Explain this shit to me. Because these aren't total assholes. They're generally nice people outside of work. Why is it that anything touched by corporate greed gets corrupted to the point of inhumanity.


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    processes, looks and politics. They lock the morals in a tiny box at 9am and let it out at 5pm.
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    Send it to the police and/or media anonymously if this is a crime in your jurisdiction (and it is safe that you can't be identified).
    Greed is the lowest motive for endangering people.
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    Oh man. This is fucked. Words fail me.

    Quit ASAP. Encourage others to do so. Make them fail. This is fucked. Fuck your management.
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    That may not be legal depending on the country you're in so you should probably check that and inform them, if they ignore it then it may be necessary to report that to local authorities.

    Also, consider having an exit plan, sounds like a covid party without the student immaturity aspect (yup, that's sadly a thing, at least in the UK).
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    O.O and I though people here (country) are weird/fucked up..
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    That's a fucking yikes from me dawg.
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