Unpopular opinion: every mobile developer should use Flutter. It's the best thing out there by far.

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    Bonus pic: my setup. I'm developing an app for a local Italian tavern and I'm hungry all the time
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    For me android native development with kotlin is superior
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    It's unpopular opinion cuz it's dumb
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    @zemaitis Kotlin is my favourite language but I find Android very confusing
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    Flutter is far from the maturity level where you can do all the stuff without native knowledge. Its just one of the side experiment by google into making a multiplatform by going web to native path. The other one being kotlin/jetpack compose (alongside jetbrains) which would be native to multiplatform path.

    And honestly am finding the kotlin path more fascinating as its less disruptive and easier to adapt into production
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    ++ unpopular yet, but I'm making Android apps with Embarcadero RAD Studio and I'm feeling very comfortable 😉
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    one screen covering another. but why
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    @coffeeholic I use the MacBook only at compile time
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    Using any hybrid/cross platform tech for mobile dev and thinking you are saving time or anything...
    You are either:
    * lying to yourself
    * a masochist
    * an "ewww, Apple!" person

    Btw dart is... not that bad but definitely not as good as the native alternatives.

    And I think my opinion is much more unpopular than yours 😄
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    @Lensflare I don't really get your point. Writing code once instead of twice does save some time.
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    @iamgio I agree about Android but unfortunately Flutter won't save you from it'd badly designed SDKs (NDKs)...
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    @iamgio thinking that you will save time by writing code once instead of twice is the typical argument made my too many people. It's a fallacy.
    First you will save much less that 50% of code or time because you still need to write platform specific code for many cases.
    Second you will lose time finding hacks and workarounds for problems that you only have because something is missing or dorsn't work properly.
    I learned it the hard way.
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    @Lensflare We should use assembly code built for the instruction set of our CPU. A compiler isn't going to save time it will add more.

    It is best to write a different web page for each browser because of rendering engine differences.

    I feel like this conversation historically almost always ends up with something implemented generically enough that it abstracts away most use cases and leaves edge cases.
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    I personally prefer having dinner with the JVM and convincing it, through subtle, coy flirtations which create unspoken sexual tension, to go to bed with me for the night in exchange for creating beautiful webviews and incredible user experiences for all without having to write any code at all.

    Sure beats whateveer the fuck Flutter is.
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    @irene You are talking about something completely different.

    I mean saving time not as runtime performance but developer's time to get things done.

    And there is nothing wrong in using high level languages which compile to or are interpreted by different platforms.

    This is not the same as using hybrid frameworks which try to abstract or wrap the platform SDKs and fail miserably but pretend like they can do it.
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    @irene every web dev sees a dream of a universal solution for everything, and we can see how much of that vision is achieved, by the mere count of your js packages, language options and frameworks. the browsers are made to support specific standards. OSs are made to support whatever the hell some fruit fucking or candy sucking surveillance company decides
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    @Lensflare I know details differ but I think the comparison stands. We try to save time by abstracting the similarities. There have been plenty of attempts to do this. Unless the tech leader companies stop snowflaking the market this abstraction will always happen. Return on investment is best if you avoid lock in which is why everything is going web now.

    Qt, electron, PWA, flutter, or etc. I have even seen people use Unity to avoid platform lock. The same kind of thing happens with CPU architecture, instruction sets, operating systems, protocols and etc etc.
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    @irene I know that very many different attempts are being made.
    My point is that none of them are working or helping nearly as much as they promise.
    I know it's hard because they try to unify so different things. I'd like to have something like this but it doesn’t exist. All there is is promises and marketing. And it seems to be very effective.
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    @Lensflare If they don’t work who cares? Someone is willing to fund devs to use them. Socially optimal solutions rarely intersect with financially optimal solutions.
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    @irene well, as a developer I care because I want to keep my sanity.

    As the project owner I should also care because I want to get results in the expected time and quality.
    The expectations won't be fulfilled.
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