I am a bad developer. I know nothing. I had a very simple requirement just to change the strings.
I couldn't collect all the requirements. I connected with PM offline, slow replies and miscommunications. Ahh!! How will I be shipping bigger projects? I have 3 years of development, in my last company we worked totally different though.
So, at the time when I thought I will be raising a PR I am stuck on the requirements.
I am a dumb shit. I can't do anything right. A simple requirement I am not able to deliver. I am so embarassed. :(

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    How is that your problem? Looks like it's theirs.
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    Is your job by chance new to you? I found whenever I switch it honestly takes months before I'm back to being properly productive. Don't sweat it, just keep trucking. It'll come back to you, we all learn something new every day.
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    @Elyz It's been 8 months here. I have worked on 3 projects till now. The thing is I was anticipating there might be some differences in thoughts but as the requirements were very simple I thought offline communication will serve. But was wrong, now I am in the hell. I literally wanna run somewhere.
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    @rutee07 it can be problem. Nit completely but maybe partially, it's my project after all. My promotion is dependant on these kind of things. I am literally the worst.
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    When you steam roll yourself for every time you don't know what to do... Oh boy.

    Flat earth became real.

    And "requirements" usually transcribes to "things necessary but nowhere to be found until explicitly demanded".

    Stop punching yourself. It doesn't help.
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    @IntrusionCM hey, tell me a better way then.
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    *headbutt of friendship*

    You need to break this cycle by yourself.

    You're just hurting yourself - stop it.

    Instead of focussing on mistakes, focus on how to fix the mistakes.

    It's something you'll need to achieve by yourself - accepting that mistakes are only painful and destructive if you not learn from them and try to prevent them in the future.
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    @IntrusionCM yeah I should at least take note what NOT to do in future. Not to mention I already have a long list.
    I am just scared of being judged as dumb, a developer who doesn't know how to work.
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    Yada yada. Don't let others define you.

    Doesn't mean you should become a fucktard who is invincible to criticism.

    But first and foremost, judge yourself and reflect on yourself.

    And being dumb is a gift most intelligent people miss. :)

    Btw. - what I'm telling you atm is something your mentor / trainer / educator should have taught you right in the beginning.

    Many devs fall into the trap of either seeking recognition and fame from other persons (no this will happen rarely in most work environments) or trying to be omnipotent / omniscient.

    You cannot know it all - be open for advice and be prepared to make the dumbest mistakes trying to find a better solution.
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    A lot of times I've found it quicker to just do what I think is sensible then change it in code review rather than wait for all requirements up front
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    @momad I also do it but more carefully, this firm is little strict in all this. :)
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    @IntrusionCM actually after reading your answer, I googled how thinking that you are dumb can help you to be a hard worker. Thanks 👍@IntrusionCM
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    Sounds like you can identify areas you need to improve on. You seem totally the opposite of dumb to me. Possibly a mild case of imposter-syndrome too but hopefully that will help to keep you alert and not get complacent. Keep working hard and smashing it!
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    its called "working the team".
    Because what you have to do at any new place is to *work* over each members communication preferences, style, and quarks.

    it starts by trying multiple avenues, email, phone, text, third parties (some people prefer to communicate *through* others, or primarily recieve information from one or two others). You'll notice which one is their preferred mode wheb suddenly they start opening up to you and getting back to you on a more regular basis. and then just remember to use that mode with that individual.

    do that for all your team mates and you'll be golden.

    or fond out who is the gopher, the go between, of the office, who everyone or key members talk to, what I like to call shadow managers, because they actually organize people through the most important skill of all: listening.

    a company atrophies when it has too man official managers and not enough unofficial managers b/c titles are primarily the object of those who prefer to talk instead of *listen*.
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