So I'm want to start looking into the hiring none French (not based in France) engineers but still inside the Schengen Zone (EU).

Do you have some ideas as to what recruiters or platform I might use for this?
The idea is to work with quality not shitty recruiters.

Ideas? Recommendation?

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    Sounds like you are asking for advice on how to break the law, also why not EU but outside Schengen?
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    What's wrong with the French?
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    Why tho?
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    This is highly illegal hiring practice.
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    Discriminating a candidate based on their nation of origin is illegal...
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    @junon I think discrimination is when you discard a candidate because of something non related to the job. He's asking for not finding them altogether. I don't think it's illegal, it's might just racist(?). Probably there's a reason like "I don't know french" or something like that. I hope at least
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    @junon ofcourse it's not. That's batshit crazy. The shengen zone is easier for relocation and taxes. And it's great he wants people from other countries. I worked internationally and I love multinational teams. So much to talk about
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    @rooter Its not crazy. Its literally the law.
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    @C0D4 what is right with French?
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    @junon no. It's not. Not at all. You're from Germany ffs. How is this possible?
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    Discrimination in the recruitment and selection process of potential candidates is prohibited by law. Broadly speaking, discrimination on grounds of sex, >>>>>>>>ORIGIN<<<<<<<<, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or age is not allowed. This emerges from the principle of equality stipulated in Art. 3 of the German Basic Law (Grundgesetz; GG) and the General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz; AGG). The latter was adopted on the basis of a series of European Community Directives focused on equality law (Council Directives 2000/78/EC, 2006/54/EC and 2000/43/EC).


    Still going to die on that hill?

    Also I'm not "from germany". Don't speak as if you know anything about strangers on the internet.
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    @aviophile that make great chefs 😏
    Never met a dev one though.

    Also, you might want to read up on discrimination laws for your country, that shit don't fly in most western nations, hence why I keep getting Indians devs 😔
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    @junon ah you're not from Germany. So that's how it's possible. Dont be stupid about it because it's your profile. Sorry for that huge terrible assumption I made. I should go to hell now. OK, sorry, but your lawly post has nothing to do with situation here. That text is correct. But it's not weird that an employer looks for a good deal. It's not based on the stuff in your post (sex, religion, etc).

    I don't mean wrong but what you say is just not true in this case.
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    @rooter You're backpedaling now. The original post asked for a way to explicitly screen candidates from France. This is discrimination based on origin, accepted into the European Union (within which the Shengen area resides) as anti-discrimination law. Plain as day.

    Also, why the hell are you so hostile about me being in germany? In discourse that's called Ad Hominem - attacking me as opposed to my argument. Weak.
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    @junon I'm not back pedaling. But if you think life is that tight and restricted. Fine by me. I don't care.

    @C0D4 don't forget to mention the money. We don't hire Indian devs because we're nice people
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    Couldn't it just be that his company is France based and they want to expand the potential employee pool to other EU based countries?
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    @leswile yh, probably but for some magical reason it became illegal or something 🙄
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    @C0D4 do you have to state a reason for denying applications at all? Maybe I will intentionally reject Slovenian applications, who can decide I am racist?
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    Pick local portals in countries you want to hire or some recruitment agency. They will filter candidates how you want.

    @junon You’re saying I can’t decide how I want to spent my money ?
    Law is for lawyers to decide. If you’re not sure something is legal ask lawyer - he will find the way to do it - not some random dude.

    I’m fucking tired of people finding racism and inequality in money spending. Money is about business not equality. If money was about equality we would be all paid the same no matter what we do. I was living in that system and I don’t want to go back to this hell again.

    Keep listening to rich people telling you how you should live being equal except most of them won’t speak with you cause you’re poor.
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    @aviophile "another candidate was a better fit, thanks for your application" seems to work.
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    @C0D4 I am asking more like how can they prove I am against diversity? For example, I don’t want to hire purple haired men. How can they prove my intention and use laws about discrimination against me?
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    @Z-GOD “dogs and french may not enter” sign would work.
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    I think this kind of screening is actually considered discriminative, because of the negative filter. What you could do is set up a series of groups that cover all but the French, which is perfectly legal.
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    @vane How you spend your money is limited in countless ways by law. In fact, it's the second most important purpose of law, after security. You can't hire a hitman, in many countries you can't hire a prostitute, you can't employ exclusively Christians unless your business has to do with Christianity, you can't hire from abroad without first advertising the position locally in lots of places. Such laws are put in place to limit socially destructive behavior, because money spent maliciously can do a lot of harm in a capitalist country.
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    @homo-lorens I can hire agency that do it for me and have my hands clean - that’s how corporations work.

    What you described has nothing to do with money. It’s more about contract between people to live in same community.

    Freedom law and freedom have nothing to do with money. Freedom laws differ between countries so if corporate A open branch in country X to do things that are banned in country Y it’s all good. You can live free in some countries ( I’m especially talking about countries without property taxes ) without single penny in your pocket.

    Money spending laws are mostly established to limit poor people to become rich so corporate can be build up on slavery.

    Biggest scam is banking law that restricts who can accumulate money.
    200 years ago you known your banker and you can chat with him, now they rob you in white gloves and laugh in your mouth and you are pleased about it.
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    @homo-lorens As you’re mentioning christians old testament was having escape cities for murderers to hide from people who wanted justice. Many of old religions allowed all criminals to hide in temple.

    Check Mate.

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    Look, the French may appear weird at first (based on personal experience, don't take offense, thank you.), but they're actually a completely decent people.

    Don't know what's wrong with the French in terms of hiring them.
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    @rooter noted thx

    @junon Yes and that's discrimination. If you post a job offer, in the COUNTRY you offer you can't discriminate by origin (which is wider than nationality).
    I just want to work with recruiters working in other countries (not France). And that's not illegal nor unethical...
    Also, don't go projecting shit and then complaining when people do that. You inject your stupid shit, not mine. You can go kill yourself.

    @nibor if you stay inside the Schengen zone, bureaucratic is easier. Also, we are doing it to pay less.

    @hubiruchi We are a French company and on our goal to become an international company based in Paris, we want to add more "none French" blood. You know to add different cultures inside the company.

    @leswile thanks! For god's sake, some people can still read.

    @vane I'm French and I don't know good ones. Hence for my question.
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    And seriously people, it went south so fast, and a lot of people started to "enculer des mouches".

    And I'm not sure if I'm really surprised (as a community we tend to be pricks), and in the same time I have seen SQL vs NoSQL conversations go south faster for stupidier reasons...
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    Can't edit the first one so :
    * we are NOT doing it to pay less.
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    Don't want Frenchmen applying? Just keep the job offer in English. :-P
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    And as for the actual question, the whole point of the EU is to make economic exchange easier within the EU. Hiring remote workers e.g. in Bulgaria is one of the points.

    Even making them relocate to France is legal, that kind of mobility is a right within the EU. However, that wouldn't be useful because the main problem isn't French devs, it's French management. That's what you need to cut out.
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    @vane Are you using the old testament as a legal or ethical ground for reasoning? I'm not sure which is worse.
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    @homo-lorens I’m using it to point how stupid you are cause community laws were established before money was invented
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    @vane Yes, so as money became the driver of our interactions, why wouldn't community law incorporate it to maintain its regulatory role over said interactions?
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    @homo-lorens money is not driver of people interactions, people mostly interact without money, money is just a contract a last step between interactions the proof that it happened.
    example 1:
    When you’re hired they don’t start with paying you up front.
    example 2:
    Buying things online involves many cognitive decisions like launching computer/ unlocking phone, opening browser / opening app and don’t get me started it from the computer and app perspective - clicking buy button is just last step.

    Laws are established not to gain something but to lose time and prevent the interactions - all laws are about preventing interactions “Literally ALL”.
    More laws about money means more time lost not exchanging goods so more cognitive force lost. More law means more money for rich people cause they don’t lose time established by law.

    So law is not about money but about losing opportunities to exchange goods and preventing interactions.
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    @junon When a Frenchman doesn't want to hire other Frenchmen because he wants to go more international and looks out for hiring in other countries than France, that's xenophobia? Do you even know what this word means?
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    @junon reading comprehension, mate. Ever heard of it?
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    @junon just go kill yourself...
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    @Fast-Nop I misread "I don't know any good ones" as a response to "What's good about the french". Apologies.

    @jotamontecino That's not how you talk to people. Be better.
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    @junon I'm an asshole I know. But I still don't think everyone is racist like some stupid shit.
    Save a dev, kill yourself.
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