DAMNIT. I love Netflix, I do, but if you want to really stop the illegal downloading in the long term then don't remove series or movies I'm watching.
I get it, it's these big companies pulling their content but it's just so backwards.

Happy new year!

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    What was removed? Crap, I'm getting creepy feeling I missed something ;)

    I wish you a good new year, too.
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    And I don't know about Netflix but on Amazon I often can only watch the german version and not select english audio.

    I mean this isn't some ancient VHS technology.
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    @deadlyRants dude I am sure it is, I see all those guys in India switching tapes ;)
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    Can't agree more. All content should be available from here to eternity. They need to find a better payment model. Instead of Netflix paying to have the content, switch to them paying per view. From a user perspective, Spotify got this one right in my book. They might need to pay the artists more, but that is not my problem.

    I don't want to download music or movies, I want to listen to music and watch movies. Make it the easiest to do it legally, and most people will do so.

    And stop with this bullshit that content is not available in my country. I pay, damnit, let me watch what I want. I want to give you my money, take them and be happy, damnit!!
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    @tpiekarski Ha they removed the Equalizer, it was there just a week ago.
    It makes it impossible to "trust" Netflix.
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