Status update: Almost two months ago I struggled alot with even basic math.
Now I've gotten way better in not just basic stuff, but also college level of math.

That's it. Bye.

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    What is the second level integral of e^x?
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    @aviophile ooh I want to answer that but I don't want to spoil it for OP
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    I hate Maths and always hated Maths and always will hate Maths but I can't do anyth without it
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    @aviophile Fuck it, I am spoiling the answer

    e^x + C1x + C2
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    Ah yes, good.
    Give me the equation of a square function which goes through the points P(1/5), Q(-2/26) and R(3/11).

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    I began learning math too because I want to get into AI stuff and to my surprise I actually enjoy it compared to back in school
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