I just came across this site and someone suggested this is the great place to learn. came here but coudnt find anything other than jokes , i asked the person who suggested this to me and he said we can win something here. guys how to win what to win and anything related to it pls tell. and pls help me get that

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    well its "devRant" ... the core of the platform is devs that rant. As far as I know
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    It's not a learning platform so for the love of god don't start spamming simple programming questions

    We do appreciate some quality rants though ;)
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    you win internet points which cost nothing
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    You do learn stuff, just not what you expected :).
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    @pl32 stuff like profanity
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    You win a golden ticket to the devrant factory, my rantybars have all come up empty though.

    Also, "dev" + "rant" is not "learn to code", although if you read the rants you can learn about other people's days and what hell they live in compared to your own!
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    Why's is always the Indian guys coming here like, "when do I get my free stickers/duck/whatever?" 🤣
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