Getting really pissed off with modern Mow-vember. I was there at the start when it was just about going the whole month without shaving. Now you need a worthy cause and well hewned face-fuzz. F*ck this noise.

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    It's should be year round, imo. My husband's beard game is on point.
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    Yeah, mow-vember sucks! *Hides a quarantine beard*

    I believe that, jokes aside, mow-vember should have been a 1 time thing, since the purpose of it was to make people ask you why now you have a beard... And that a new ideas should come up (especially given that for most people it's just a month when you don't shave instead of a call to pay care about a specific kind of cancer)... Maybe bolder ideas. Ok, not as bold as painting the nails black as a male (cause various reasons starting from most males's fragile mascolinity to people who literally kill you if they suspect you may be associated with a certain community... And nail painting is kinda easy to associate to it), but for sure more than not shaving the beard which for some of us is just an excuse to be lazy (first culprit)
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    Why do you care about that stuff in the first place?
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    I thought it had been replaced by no nut November
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    *shakes head*
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    @nibor Mo-nut November
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