"Hello, the drive of your XYZ server is getting full, would it be possible to prune some of the unused and/or old docker images and layers there please? Alternatively, we can offer to replace the drives with a higher capacity models for FOO extra per month"

"Hello, the disk use keeps growing and has reached the 95% mark, please prune some of your images to make space for new. If you wanted to choose the alternate option of disk capacity increase, we would have to do that as soon as possible, otherwise you may run out of space before the RAID array rebuilds"

"Hello, your server XYZ has completely ran out of disk space. Any changes that would require data being saved on disk may and probably will fail. Please free some space as soon as possible"

Ugh, I hate clients that just don't cooperate until shit hits the fan...

And no, we could not prune the space ourselves, its not our data to delete whenever we think it necessary.

We merely manage the machine's operation, keeping it online and its services running.

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    "If you don't take preventative action in the next x days, then downtime will almost certainly ensue. This downtime will not be covered by our SLA. Note that any work to get things back up and running at this point will attract a charge at our hourly rate of (high number.)"

    Then you either get them on the ball, or you get a big paycheck and evidence to show the problem was due to their lack of action.
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    @AlmondSauce Perfect response.
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    I made a similar request many times. There is always this one person that pops up saying "I can bring you my xyzGB usb key tomorrow if you're still short." With a ☺. As if shit is somehow funny. Running out of storage and this beeing a production server... clean your old shit off. There is no space for archives and nice-to-store-i-might-need-again-dumps. The guy zips a large ammount of old files and tells me that he freed 80gigs. Now there's just more compressed never-to-be-used-again garbage there.
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