People who are "little ray of sunshine" type make me wanna punch them quite often. 😬🤜

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    That's me! On several occasions I have made people more mad by not joining them in being mad because "you're like a fucking puppy or something, god".

    The only thing worth being mad about is case insensitivity on ntfs. And dot commit messages.
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    We had joy, we had fun,
    We had Linux on our Sun...
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    @ltlian @nomad depends.

    When everything went pitchblack due to electricity down at 21 in the evening and someone calls me in a an all sunny mood.

    I'll just become a black hole of void and nothingness and suck all his joy out.

    Been there, done that. *shrug*
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    why? some people are just naturally nice. Rather than being surrounded by a bunch of greasy "thou are not worthy" neckbeards I would much rather have rays of sunshine that act like regular non autistic human beings
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    @Fast-Nop and then came Oracle, bought the Sun and forked Linux into rebranded Oracle Linux...
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    @Z-GOD Doesn't have to be fake. If everyone around you is, then that's another issue.
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    @Jilano not just that. If I'm mad or anxious, telling me that "it's gonna be ok" ain't gonna calm me down because it ain't gonna change the situation AND it implied that I'm overreacting to the situation. The whole "it's gonna be ok" implies that I should just sit and wait for something to fix itself. and guess what; nothing does.
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    @Z-GOD Ok

    @NoMad Understandable. I know that some people don't mind, but in general I'd much rather have someone offering help then that.
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    @theKarlisK I wonder if there are people who don't hate Oracle.
    I've never met or heared about any.
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    Thats me to myself when my bipolar disorder hits again!
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