F*CK...that feeling when you were working as a junior UI/UX designer for about 3 weeks in new company, you were on a project which is almost finished and delivered...

1 and half week Later (after technical issues - check my older rants)......

you have noticed one quite importat mistake in the designs, which were done by senior designers, which can lead in future to a huge Ux problems - so huge, that users will probably leave/close the app and will not purchase the product via that app... ( We can say than whole design solution was a waste of money for the client)... On that designes was working a team of 4 people, about 3 Months (and the app (prototype) had to be ready already 2 Months back)...

the deadline was pushed 2x already...

And your boss (senior designer) tell you that this is not such an issue.. But thx for your opinion.....

1 week Later by user testing 4 out of 4 people were asking about that stuff I told to my boss that is missing...

And I was ignored...

In less than 1 week Later after the testing I get fired from the company without no reason...

Or better - the reason was:

I have too little experiences for this job...
Dont know if I should laugh or cry🤦‍♀️🤣/😭

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    Shitty company that will likely go bankrupt because of poor practices.

    Not your fault don't blame yourself.
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    Yep, shit company! My first job I had the software development manager laugh at how an issue I raised "wasn't DNS related" yet 2 days later the CIO told us it was a DNS issue... After a few more similar incidents I left and changed companies because fuck them
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    You're better off not working for them, just watch them burn.
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    @neeno you know what... I Dont understand that the company has still enough money to pay people who are delivering shi*ty products and its still growing....corporate
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    @gardendwarf is the product an "enterprise" software or whatever it's called, i.e. for internal use by another company? If it is and the client is big enough, their management might not give a fuck and just force their employees to use the software, even if it's shitty
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    It's sad that you got fired and ignored, but at least you know they owe you an apology (which they might never do unless they need your or are publically called out).
    It's also a good thing you won't have to put up with them.
    You probably learnt a thing or two (be it, relevant experience, how to deal with complicated people) so there's possibly some good that came out of this experience.
    Good luck, finding a better boss 😁.
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    @neeno no, the product is ment for normal regular people to use..

    And other thing... By the user testing - the people who tested the app were actually other designers from other team.. So I think the results of the testing has been influenced (because of technical background of the testers) and not valid, as if the app would be tested by radom people from street.. Hmm 🤷‍♀️
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    Bullet dodged
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