Happy New Year!

This year I am going to learn new programming languages and they are: Python, Java/JavaScript, C/C#/C++ and the Linux Terminal.

I can't wait!

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    Happy new year!
    Good luck with learning all those languages! 🙃
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    So basically your just starting out?
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    If I could make one suggestion for you, learn one language, and learn it really well.
    Pick the one which you can use or which syntax feels the most natural to you.
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    @grolofson No, I know HTML and CSS. and I now some Java and JavaScript. I am improving my skill.
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    Whilst I admire your enthusiasm, there are a lot of things which worry me in your post. 1) You're NOT going to "learn" all those languages in the next year and 2) Your choice of grouping languages (and even those in your list) hints to me that you really don't know what you're talking about.

    Do not consider Java and JavaScript in the same thought. C, C# and C++ are as different as "chalk and cheese" with very different uses, strengths and weaknesses.

    I think you should set yourself much more realistic goals e.g. to develop a start-to-finish solution of some sort using one new language. But it is more important to learn the theories and principles of development more so than a library of different syntax that you won't know how to apply properly.
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    And the "Linux Terminal" is not a language. Are you talking about bash scripting? Or using awk? Again, you're not going to figure it all out in a year with all the rest of that stuff going around in your head. We have a finite capacity for new knowledge.
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    @samk I guess you are right. I guess I should learn what I need to learn, which is C# for programing games. I will still learn JavaScript on the side to improve my web development skills. I will take it slow this year. Thanks
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    I find C# a good language to learn and it's syntax is extremely close to JavaScript. You will find one easy to read / program when you know that other.
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    Your enthusiasm is great! Just don't put too much pressure on yourself to 'learn' them all.

    I'm 37 and have spent years using each of those languages, and I can tell you I still don't 'know' them entirely. Each one could still surprise me around the next corner.

    Maybe a better start would be to pick something simple and redo that same thing in each language. That's level one. Then you'll have an idea about which ones are most interesting to you, then level those up.

    Great stuff! Keep it up!
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    @stisch I am going to learn C# as I want to program games. Also, I want to learn JavaScript to improve my web development skills as I already know HTML and CSS.
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    @wolt so you can program in Python and it outputs like JS?
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