I started in 2015 at my current job. The first contract was for a year, very normal in the Netherlands. Also, I had only 6 months of professional experience with programming.
I already knew that I would replace an older colleague who's going to retire and I would get some of his responsibilities.

One year later (6 months ago) I had an evaluation with my boss. He told me he was proud I learned everything so quick and offered me a permanent position and wanted me to take over one of the major products we sell. Even more, he wanted me to decide how to change the framework since it's over 20years old. (Multiple languages combined)

I am currently working on a new design and UX as well, which I presented last year. The love it.

I've never felt so appreciated and valued before.

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    That's awesome, the task of choosing a framework requires a lot of responsibility
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    Damn, I'm very happy for you. Your boss trust you a lot.
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    Well done my friend!
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    Ok, this sounds like heaven. What company are you working at?
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    @daredevil I'm working for a company creating plugins for AutoCAD,I in the Netherlands. I have very open-minded colleagues.
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    @BikerMouse zijn ze nog opzoek naar een Frontender toevallig? ;p
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    Nou @daredevil. ..
    I'll do it in English in respect of our fellow ranters.

    We actually are looking for a Medior C# web developer. Since I'm not quite into web developing , I'm not sure if this concerns a front or backend position.

    I will quote:
    Functie eisen:
    - relevante informatica opleiding op minimaal HBO-niveau
    -Enkele jaren kennis van en ervaring met programmeren in C# en het ASP.NET framework via studie en/of werk.
    - Bij voorkeur kennis van open source GIS technologie.

    Hou can find the application here: http:///www.cadac.com/NedGraphics/...

    You can see for yourself if it's something for you.

    If you're going to apply, please let me know 😉

    Good luck mate
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    @BikerMouse thanks for letting me know! They do have a position open but unfortunatly it's too far away for me (like a 2 hour drive far)
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    @daredevil that's quite a long trip indeed.

    I go with public transport every winter, takes me 2 hours as well. It's just what you think is worth it. 😉
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    @BikerMouse i was talking about a single trip. Guess you didn't. That would be half a day haha
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    @daredevil actually I did :P
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    @BikerMouse i see why you got that contract now. Respect!
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