Which camera is better? Left or right?

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    Look at the actual photos on gsmarena
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    @iii based on the specs... how do you read like MP, focus, etc? Which ones actually matter
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    By specs:

    Left for consistency/ease of use

    Right for quality
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    Right unless you find actual pictures of the same scene taken with them.
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    The one on the left has different focal lengths on each camera, the one on the right has the same on both ones.

    The one on the right has more pixels so better resolution, but the one on the left has larger pixels meaning that more light will hit each individual pixel. Based on this, the left one should have better low light performance, but the right one should have more details in daylight. You can't know without testing whether this is actually the case.

    The fact that the lenses are so different complicates the comparison a lot. If you want very wide angle photos, the left one has you covered. The right one might get benefit in low light from the other camera, who knows.
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    You really need a real review to make an informed decision. There's so much more to a camera than can be seen from those data.
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    @SortOfTested @electrineer Thanks... Left was Pixel 4a 5G... Right was OnePlus 6

    Thought it was supposed to be better since newer it's but seems not...

    TLDR I bought a pixel 2 for Live Captions for $100 and now Google has a trade in for $230...

    Was thinking could replace my OP6 as main phone... But now I'm having 2nd thoughts... Seems like a complete downgrade...

    I have LC now on OP6 because it's rooted but can't use Google Pay or Blackberry for work stuff
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    Really got to try it yourself with actual shooting to know.
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    Also, keep in mind that image processing plays a big role in picture quality for modern smartphones. One more reason to trust only actual pictures taken be each
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    Decided not worth it and somehow at least now the camera on my Pixel 2 is working... Maybe the Android 11 upgrade fixed it...

    What case wait till Pixel 6 come out... 4a price cut should be like $150 by then...
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    @donuts by specs nothing matters much. The key things aren't mentioned: quality of the matrix, lenses, which algorithms are used for postprocessing. Those are much more important than megapixels
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    Just don't use the phone to take photos, it will help you on headaches.
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    @melezorus34 what would you propose instead? Having an expensive and bulky decent camera?

    Modern phones are quite good niwadays at taking decent layman photos without a need for specialized device.
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