Created a github open source project for voice recognition for react native Android.

Needed help developing some features and did my research with links to some articles.

Then some guy that showed interest in the specific issue just copied my repo and launched his own npm package with the new features.

Just threw my code in the garbage and just felt so irritated. I did all the research and shared the research links and he just duped me and left me to rot. No credit given.

Fuck that guy. This is not open source.

Rant over

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    Hit me with a cease and desist until he provides the appropriate credit required by your licensing agreement.
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    Please don't quit creating open source projects. I somewhat understand your frustration and what the guy did is a bit shady. However, from my experience, people fork Github repos all the time. Me personally, I fork any repo that I need a copy of in case the original is deleted. That does not mean I am stealing the code, just keeping it there in case I need it. The guy who created his own library, maybe he just wants more control over it. As long as he has it open source, whenever he adds new features, you can just add them to your library too!
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    *Adjusts glasses* Well from the look of your license file, there is no mention that he or she has to state where they got this code from. I don't know which license is suitable for that.
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